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Enjoy our Wonderful Climate

Enjoy our Wonderful Climate
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Enjoy our Wonderful Climate Costa Rica enjoys one of the best climates in the world with the Gulf of Papagayo region having two distinctly different seasons:
  • a very lush, delightfully tropical “Green Season” when the environment explodes with growth, beauty and natural life;
  • followed by a very dry, arid “Gold Season” when the green vegetation turns to sun-drenched golden color giving the region the popular name “The Gold Coast” at that time of year.
Enjoy our Wonderful Climate Both the “Green” and “Gold” seasons are equally wonderful to experience, beckoning you to visit us twice. The graph above gives you a general sense of our beautiful seasons and warm temperatures throughout the year (although this can vary from year to year).
September and October months are a peaceful period where rainfalls are more significant and certain vacationers seek this experience.