Ultimate Wellness Women’s Retreat at Villa Estrella November 6 through 11, 2019

Join Master Certified Life Coach Kathy McCabe and a small group of  Fabulous women for an All-Inclusive ULTIMATE Wellness Retreat for relaxation, connection, transformational life coaching and rejuvenation of your mind, body & spirit!
During this 5 night transformational retreat at the gorgeous Villa:

  • you will have  clarity about what you want more of, or less of, in your family, work and relationships and how to bring more play, fun & wellness in your busy life!
  • you will be rejuvenated and leave with your own personal plan of “ultimate wellness” for your life that incorporates “blue zone” principles of wellness, and
  • you will connect with other amazing women in a sacred sisterhood

About Your Retreat Leader:

Kathy McCabeis a Master Certified Life Coach who helps smart, high achieving women create more joy, ease & love in their lives.
Kathy’s clients have called Kathy’s retreats, “transformative,” “amazing” and “rejuvenating!” Kathy repeatedly creates special women’s groups where women are able to connect in a meaningful way.
To find out more about this retreat, email kathy@kathymccabelifecoach.com and check out www.kathymccabelifecoach.com