Terms and Conditions
& Privacy Statement

Terms and Conditions

VILLA ESTRELLLA-COSTA RICA, VILLA ESTRELLA TRAVEL SERVICES, and related affiliates and individuals, (also referred to herein as “We”, “Us”, “Our”) are in the business of marketing and booking vacation rental villas in Costa Rica to Travel Customers (also referred to herein as “You” and “Your”). In addition to renting Villas, we also offer a wide variety of activities and services in Costa Rica to enhance your overall vacation experience. These activities and services may be provided by either our employees or other third parties.

As a routine practice, we offer and quote villa rental prices and related options each day throughout the year. All quotations and preliminary bookings are completely non-binding upon us and impose no obligation on us until:

A contract has been signed by you and us; and, the required monetary consideration has been received by us. The terms of this contract must be complied with on an ongoing basis as appropriate. If, at any time the contract terms are breached by you, our obligations immediately cease.

When in Costa Rica, there is a significant amount of risk. While efforts are made to reduce or eliminate this risk, it is not possible to mitigate or eliminate all risk. It is not our intention to be responsible for risks you incur in Costa Rica. Accordingly, each Travel Customer in Costa Rica is required to sign a comprehensive Agreement that states that you acknowledge assuming all risk and furthermore waive and release us from any liability. A copy of this form is available upon request to all Travel Customers prior to contracting with us.

We strive to provide our Customers an outstanding vacation experience but cannot guarantee perfection due to a variety of unforeseen circumstances that may occur at any time. We will strive to react as professionally and competently as possible to make your experience as satisfactory as circumstances allow.

We are not responsible for circumstances that lead to trip cancelations, trip delays, or trip interruptions, unless specifically assumed by contract. Travel Customers are encouraged to buy appropriate Travel Insurance.

Privacy Statement

All contracts are private between you and us.

On a routine basis, we publish Testimonials of Travel Customers on our websites and marketing material.

We also upon occasion include tasteful pictures of our Travel Customers on our websites and marketing material to portray Costa Rica experiences. In so doing we do not use names of any Travel Customers. We also will not use any picture of any Travel Customer if expressly asked not to do so by Travel Customers.

We can accommodate the purchase of tours, excursions, and other products and services through our Credit Card facility, subject to the following conditions:

Reservation Policy: All reservations will be charged the current interest rate mandated by the Costa Rican banking authority.
Cancellation Policy: Full refunds will be allowed with respect to cancellations made at least 48 hours in advance of the date of the tour or excursion, subject to a $50 administration fee. If cancellation is made less than 48 hours of the reserved tour/excursion date, no refunds will be allowed. A special cancellation policy applies for boat trips.

Credit Card information provided by you is treated strictly confidential by us. Such information will be safeguarded physically. It will not be provided to any other party outside the transaction. We are not however responsible for any fraudulent use of your Credit Card by any party.

While traveling, in your possession, you may have private or confidential information. We are not responsible for any loss or misuse of such information.