We thoroughly enjoyed the stay at the villa and all of the staff members are absolute gems!  Truly wouldn’t be the same vacation without the wonderful staff.  We felt sad to leave them after a great week of making new friends.  They all deserve a pat on the back, but Blair and Miche (sp?) especially went out of their way to make sure we had a wonderful week.  Those two were constant sources of interesting info and friendly conversation.  They interacted and danced with our group one evening when we asked the staff to eat with us and have a fun night.  The video of my kids dancing with them is one of my favorite vacation memories I’ve ever had.  We all took our turn at dancing and I so thankful for that evening of fun. Blair and Miche (and Victor in the morning), were always there to make sure we were smiling and enjoying the vacation.  They even made sure we were learning our needed Spanish along the way.  We all have “trip depression” now wishing we were still there.

The favorite excursion that we did was the catamaran trip.  The afternoon could not have gone better.  The crew, the food/drinks, the tour, and the weather all fell into place perfectly.  The crew even made sure to take us to a location to snorkel where we could swim to the shore and feed the monkeys by hand.  The young adults in our group were talking about that day over and over again during the remainder of the trip.  The sunset was a work of art that night, so we were very lucky to have enjoyed it from the water.  We accidentally left some water shoes on the boat and the crew made a point of finding us and Blair in Coco the next day.  They met us on the beach and delivered the shoes.  We had chalked up the shoes as a lost item, so for them to go out of their way to return those items shows their level of professionalism.  I would highly recommend that company to anyone.

The adventure day to Guachipelin was a fun day too.  We were all exhausted by the end of the day, but a good time was had by all.  The only negative was the amount of people crammed into each activity with us.  We were in groups of 30-40 people and it was so jam packed that we had a tough time navigating our group.  The photo package we ended up buying (that they emailed to us) ended up containing over 100 pictures of other people from the tour.  They had a hard time figuring out who our group was as well.  Had the tours been smaller, it would have been more comfortable, but the activities themselves were a lot of fun.

The food and drinks were great.  Alberto cooked up some delicious eats.  He even prepared some fish tacos using the fish that some of our group caught one morning.  The cocktails and snacks were top notch as well.  The whole villa runs like a well oiled machine.

We had no issues with the accommodations and can only say great things.

We hope to have the opportunity to return again some day.  The vacation was a hit with everyone in our group.  Hang on to those staff members as they are representing the villa extremely well!

Thanks again!